My aim as your Make up Specialist, is to make you feel confident, and naturally beautiful on your wedding day. A consultation ensures you are confident with my expertise, and is included in the price. However I am experienced in ”off the cuff” Make up for clients who live on the mainland or abroad, who’s busy schedules don’t allow for a consultation. The picturesque scenery and exquisite venues that the Isle of Wight offer, make it a popular location for weddings, even for those who have no connections here.

There are so many innovative products out there now, to ensure your skin looks amazing, and enhanced. A professional touch is advisable as we all know "the camera does’nt lie."

My greatest satisfaction is clients delight when they receive their wedding photos, and thank me for making them look fantastic! Consultations usually take place roughly three months before the wedding, but that’s just a guideline.
If skin colour has changed since our consultation due to tanning its no problem, I just blend foundations to adjust the tone.
My arrival time on the day we will discuss after consultation, as I can assess timing accurately then.

If you are getting married, now is the time to step up your skin care regime. To make sure your skin is looking at its best on your wedding day, start now! It is never to early to start caring for your skin, so invest in it now for fabulous results.

Facials are advisable in the run up to your wedding for maximum benefit, and a homecare regime consisting of cleansing, toning, moisturising, gentle exfoliation, and self massage to the face, to stimulate fresh blood circulation and improve tone, are just a few basic examples of things that would contribute to our mission-to have clear, healthy, glowing skin. Obviously if you have a particular problem such as acne, pigmentation, premature aging etc... we would need a more specific and intense regime to enable this condition to be treated effectively. There are some incredible innovative products available now, to suit all budgets, and a wedding is the perfect excuse to indulge!

BRIDE- £90.00.
Including consultation and Island wide home visit on your wedding day.
Packages can be tailored to your individual needs, e.g.
Mainland Weddings - Price on application.
(See Holistic Beauty packages for ideas on treatments, or Pamper parties for ideas for Hen parties.)
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